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Our gift shop is an establishment that specializes in offering the kinds of precious items that buyers are sure to cherish. These gifts are designed to be of the highest quality, and are sure to evoke strong feelings in their owners.

We offer carefully crafted collectible toys that are designed with children in mind. We carry about their minds, not their parents' pocketbooks. The available variety of such items is what makes our gift shop stand out from the competition.

These children's quality toys truly make ideal choices when it comes to selecting gifts. Vintage toys and collectible dolls such as these are sure to be appreciated. Some may even appreciate them as examples of home decor.

Some of our favorite things:  beehive kitchenware,  Berea College Crafts, blenko Glass sanders, Chelsea Village candles, Cherry Shaker furniture, Great Lakes tea, Moon Spoon, Poof and Woof Baby, sanders

Those who want to learn more about our gifts can do so by contacting us at Bumble's Dry Goods in Chelsea, MI. Those who want to find great gifts, you can do so by visiting our gift shop at Bumble's Dry Goods in Chelsea, MI. As your local premier gift shop, we specialize in: kitchenware, Michigan food, artwork, and Jewelry

Other Services: Art tile, college crafts, Neckties, Pet toys, Sanders fudge






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